Market Data
  • 345  +3  
  • 712  +18  
  • 929  +4  
  • 46.84s  -1.88 (-3.86%) 
  • 2.800s  +0.150 (+5.66%) 

Gravel Pack / Sand Control

We offer equipment and personnel to perform gravel packing well bores that have sand control issues. We provide back surges, conventional circulating packs with our dual sand injectors, washdown gravel packs, squeeze packs, low rate frac packs and slurry packs in conjunction with a service pump company. EOT is one of the few gravel pack companies with dual sand injector units and is very excited about the future of our high rate gravel pack tools to target a much larger market in the Gulf of Mexico shelf. Throughout the years, EOT has established itself as a leader in the gravel packing industry and looks forward to keep adding to that success.

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