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  • 345  +3  
  • 712  +18  
  • 929  +4  
  • 46.84s  -1.88 (-3.86%) 
  • 2.800s  +0.150 (+5.66%) 

About Us

We are a downhole tool company which provides gravel packing, squeeze cementing tools, conventional completions & other downhole equipment, as well as experienced completion personnel to the oil and gas industry. We also supply a wide range of surface equipment, such as filter units and squeeze manifolds. We also offer full traceability on all of our equipment.
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Going Above and Beyond

Customer Satisfaction

EOS is dedicated to consistently providing high quality customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, exceptional equipment, competitive costs, and always achieving any special requests by our customers. Our skilled team has decades of experience in the oil and gas industry and even more specifically in completions. Our innovative approach and years of experience keeps us ahead of the competition when we’re helping you with any completion situation.

Quality Products Delivered

We pride ourselves in sourcing the best equipment to get the job done. Every vendor that EOS utilizes has been vetted through our rigorous vendor approval process that ensures the highest quality products year after year. We have developed long term strategic relationships that enable us to fulfill any customer requirement that arises. These relationships are what enables us to offer our products and services at the most competitive pricing and at the quickest industry-wide turnaround times.

Going Above and Beyond
Going Above and Beyond

Story Behind the Name

Eminent by definition means “respected within a certain profession”. Our name is a constant reminder for us to go above and beyond for our customers and employees, to work with integrity and diligence each day, to be people of high standing character and to remain a respected and reliable service company in our field. We longed for a name that would reflect a perpetual goal for us and that goal is to provide the utmost quality of work, day in and day out no matter the circumstance. That is how we landed on the name that suits us best: Eminent Oil Tools.